Medina Imam Sheikh Abdullah Buay’jaan Urges Muslims to get Vaccinated

Faizel Patel – 06/09/2021

Esteemed Islamic scholar and the Imam of Masjid-un-Nabawi in Medina, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdullah Buay’jaan has stressed that having good health is a blessing that Allah has bestowed upon humankind and preserving good health is compulsory on us by taking precautionary health measures. 

 Sheikh Buay’jaan was rendering the sermon at the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) masjid on Friday. 

In a post by Haramain Info, Sheikh Buay’jaan has urged people to get vaccinated. 

“So, take the medicine, for verily Allah has not ordained an illness except that he also provided for it medicine acts as a cure, except for old age for verily (old age) is what leads to death.” 

Sheikh Buay’jaan says the most precautionary health measure a person can use is a vaccine, as it strengthens your body’s defence against infection or lessons the effects of illness. 

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