Taliban Expand Interim Cabinet, But Fail to Appoint any Women

The Taliban have expanded their interim Cabinet by naming deputy ministers, but failed to appoint any women.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the deputy minister of information and culture of the caretaker government was addressing the media on Tuesday.

Mujahid says the current cabinet will remain as caretaker and that their leaders will decide on the way forward.

Mujahid was also asked about the recent restrictions imposed on girls and women, including a decision not to allow girls in grades six to 12 to return to classrooms for the time being.

He said the caretaker government needs time to address women’s demands on education and work and that they need to ensure women and girls’ safety

“We are working to complete the procedures so that girls can resume their education.”

The first appointments to the Taliban interim government were announced earlier this month.

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