Rand Water Implements Stage 1 Water Shedding in SA

Picture: Freeimages.com

Rand Water has implemented stage 1 water shedding in an effort to slow down the high consumption levels in the country. 

The utility says the hot summer months present a persisting challenge where water usage soars due to behavioural patterns inconsistent with the country’s water scarcity.

It says the high water consumption has put a strain on the water systems and has urged South Africans to use water sparingly including not irrigating gardens and not filling swimming pools between 6am to 7pm until 30 September. 

“In order to assist these strained water systems, Rand Water implores the Municipalities to immediately attend to the leaks in their reticulation systems and manage the night flows through reservoir management protocols. In addition, Rand Water would also wish to urge the communities to reduce water consumption in order to save water.”

Rand Water has urged Municipalities to invoke their bylaws to ensure that water saving tips are enforced.  

South Africa is ranked as one of the driest countries in the world and continues to be amongst the highest consumers of potable (clean) water despite the limited availability of this precious resource.

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