Bitter Feud Erupts on Twitter Over Alleged Issues at ITV

Image: Facebook

A bitter feud has erupted on social media platform Twitter surrounding the issues at Islamic TV Foundation, also known as ITV Networks. 

Presenters and staff took to social media to vent their frustration about the television platform, complaining about the alleged non-payment of salaries and other issues. 

Last month, the Communication Workers Union stood in solidarity with ITV staff in protest against alleged maladministration, non-payment of workers salaries, corrupt management of the station and a request to bring back the original content of the Islamic community.

ITV subsequently issued a statement rejecting the allegations saying they were “baseless and the victim of a misinformation campaign.” 

In the Twitter spat, Host of Finding Me on ITV Quraysha Sooliman in a tweet to “#Smear Campaign Exposed” (@Adamitv) says some staff have still not been paid. 

“August salary out and September due soon, staff have had to take grocery hampers from AMA & now face eviction. Why are you not paying staff?” 

“#Smear Campaign Exposed” alleged and believed to be Dr Adam from ITV, responded to Sooliman saying staff were paid. 

“All staff were paid. 5 staff who were on go slow and did very little or no work were paid less on the basis of No Work No Pay Principle.”

The thread of the chat on social media continues quite vociferously with some current and former employees contributing to the conversation including Mahmoud Abou-Zeid, former news anchor Faraaz Patel, Derek Arhin and Muhammad Choonara. 

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