South Africa Has Lost More Than a Hundred Ulama

South Africa has lost at least one hundred and thirty -five Ulama or Islamic scholars across the country. 

The list of the names of the esteemed scholars have been compiled in a document on Friday. 

Some of the Ulama who have returned to the mercy of Allah this year and a few years ago include Mufti Taha Karan, Ml Ihsaan Hendricks, Mufti Yacoob Minty, Ml Abdullah Nana and Ml Yunoos Daya among many other Islamic scholars. 

When Hadrat Dr. Ml Abdul Razaq Iskander passed away in June this year, esteemed Islamic scholar Ml Ebrahim Bham reminded the Muslim ummah to treasure the ulama.

“Respect the Ulama. Even those for example whom you have another view from the Aalim that you are following, still show respect and dignity to that Aalim and in this particular situation we’ve seen so many ulama who have passed on. Let us also take the necessary precautions, but beyond that we make dua that Allah (SWT) preserve our Ulama and those who are alive Allah Ta’ala keep their shadows over us for a long period of time.”

While death is inevitable and painful for those who lost loved ones, Senior Islamic scholar from Darul Uloom Azaadville Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara says death is like a bridge that joins the lover with the beloved and we should all look forward to it.

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