Cold & Wet Weekend Ahead as JMPD Urges Motorists to Take Precautions on the Roads

As wet weather conditions continue to persist, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has urged motorists to take extra precautions on the roads.

The SA Weather Service has warned that the inclement and rainy weather is expected to last at least until Sunday with thunderstorms expected on Friday afternoon.

The stormy conditions have wreaked havoc with a number of power outages affecting traffic lights and intersections throughout the city.

The JMPD’s Wayne Minnaar has urged motorists to keep safe following distances while driving on the wet roads.

“Motorists are reminded to drive with extra caution as the roads are wet and slippery due to the rain in most parts of Johannesburg. Motorists would also not drive through larges puddles of water or cross low-lying bridges where the rivers are flooded.”

At the same time, Eskom has  warned that its power system was under “severe pressure” and urged residents to be wise with their electricity usage to make sure the lights stay on for everyone. 

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