Criminals Used Arab Attire which may have Created Impression that Gateway Jewellery Robbery was Committed by Muslims

The South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) says it has taken note of video footage of the armed robbery at Damjee Jewellers at the Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga, Durban in which it is alleged that the crime may have been committed by Muslims.

In the video clips widely circulated on social media, the criminals are dressed in traditional Arab attire, which may give the impression that they are Muslim.

Samnet’s Dr. Faizel Suliman says they condemn the robbery irrespective of the race, religion, nationality or appearance of the suspects.

“Opportunistic elements will use apparel, whether it is a traditional Muslim face veil, a scarf, headgear or baseball caps and sunglasses to hide their identities. This is no reflection of fashion nor of religion and should not be construed as such. We are sure that those who would wish to use the dress of these thieves to malign Islam or Muslims will find no traction in our society or country.”

Suliman says he hopes that police will spare no effort in arresting the alleged perpetrators.

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