South Africans Can Now Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Online

South Africans can now download their COVID-19 vaccine certificates from the Health Departments official website if they have been fully vaccinated.

The Health Department on the website says only people who are fully COVID-19 vaccinated can retrieve their COVID-19 Vaccine Digital Certificate.

“The QR Code generated is not intended to be readable by the general public, it is meant to be used by entities requiring to verify the card’s validity, using a Vaccine Certificate System inbuilt QR scanner which will be available in the near future.”

It is a simple process to get the digital vaccination certificates.

Full vaccinated South Africans need only enter their identity or passport numbers, names and surname and vaccination code which would have been sent to the patient via SMS after receiving their jabs.

Click on the link below to access the Health Department’s website and download your digital vaccination certificate.

Get your Vaccine Certificate

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