Eskom Warns of Possible Load Shedding at Short Notice – “Power System Severely Constrained”

Eskom says while there is no anticipation of any load shedding, the power system is severely constrained and has urged South Africans to use electricity sparingly.

The power utility say a number of generation units have broken down putting pressure on the electricity grid which will necessitate the usage of emergency generation reserves.

Spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha says total breakdowns amount to 14,900MW while planned maintenance amount to 4,700MW.

“Should there be any further breakdowns, Eskom might be forced to implement load shedding at short notice. We expect a number units to return to service from breakdown in the course of the next few days.”

Mantshantsha has urged the public to reduce electricity usage to avoid any further breakdowns or load shedding.

Eskom last implemented load shedding on 22 July.

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