ER24 Paramedics Come Under Attack After Rock Thrown Through Window While Transporting Patient

Image: ER24

Two ER24 paramedics had a lucky escape after they were attacked by criminals who threw a rock smashing the window of their emergency response vehicle on the N14 in Krugersdorp.

It is understood Quinton and Zelda were busy transporting a patient to a nearby hospital on Wednesday after he had been involved in a vehicle rollover earlier when they were attacked.

ER24’s Russel Meiring says the duo did not sustain any injuries.

“Quinton had been driving the ambulance when he heard a loud smash from behind. The crews managed to evade the hostile environment and found a safe place to stop and assessed the situation. A second ER24 ambulance was called to the scene to transport the patient to a nearby hospital. On the scene, medics found the large rock in the left-hand lane. A witness to the incident stated that two young men had thrown the rock at the ambulance.”

Meiring says local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.

ER24 has condemned all attacks against emergency workers and has urged the community to report any such incidents.

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