Jamiatul Ulama SA South Gauteng Acknowledges Community Stalwarts

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa South Gauteng branch has acknowledged hundreds of people for their service to the community and Muslim Ummah. 

The organization which is based in Lenasia held a meeting on Wednesday where it highlighted some of the services it provides to the community including Da’wah, welfare, counselling and burial services among others. 

The Jamiat also showcased its new headquarters on Rose Avenue which is expected to open in December. 

Some of the individuals acknowledged include Islamic scholars, Masaajid, activists and welfare organisatons among others. 

Secretary General of Jamiatul Ulama South Africa Ml Ebrahim Bham says Allah has put a responsibility on people to care for the community.

“What is the use of a believer’s life if he only thinks about his own comfort and about his own life? There is no life if you don’t care for the community.” 

Ml Bham has also urged the Ummah to maintain unity within South Africa. 

“If we don’t keep ta’alluq with our own, our nation, it has repercussions upon us. When the Jamiatul Ulama when it makes its decisions, when it interacts, thinks about things, it does not only look upon the situation of the Muslim community, it also takes into account the country that we are living in. We should not make decisions that impact negatively upon our country people that they start looking upon us in a negative way because that will have repercussions on every aspect of our Deeni work.” 

Ml Bham says any person that is active in and assists the community in whatever way, will be handsomely rewarded by Allah. 

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