Saudi Arabia Announces Haram in Makkah to Operate at Full Capacity after Easing COVID-19 Restrictions

Saudi Arabia has announced that the Kingdom will allow the Haram in Makkah to operate at full capacity.

According to a source at the Interior Ministry, the Kingdom is expected to start easing COVID-19 restrictions and health precautions from Sunday.

While the Haram will accommodate worshippers with the easing of restrictions, workers and visitors will have to continue wearing face masks at all times.

Saudi Gazette reports the Kingdom will lift outdoor mask mandates but will still require to wear face coverings indoors.

The decision easing social distancing requirements will allow commercial outlets to operate to their full capacity, while restaurants can fill up.

The news bodes well for South Africans and Muslims across the globe who have been desiring to visit the holy lands but could not due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With the easing or COVID-19 restrictions, there is a possibility that the Kingdom could host a full Hajj in 2022/1443.

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