[WATCH] Security Guard & Shopper Shot in Menlyn Park Shopping Centre Robbery

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre has confirmed that a security guard and a shopper have been shot during an armed robbery at a jewelry store. 

The robbery took place on Sunday by a group of armed criminals. 

In a statement Menlyn Shopping Centre’s Ignatius Sathekge says police are investigating the robbery. 

 “It has been reported that a security guard and civilian have been shot and have subsequently been taken away by an ambulance for further medical attention.” 

Sathekge says entrance while entrance three to the mall remains closed, the rest of the shopping centre has been declared safe and is open for trade.

At the same time a video of the criminals avoiding the spikes at the boom gate to the mall has gone viral.

In the video, the criminals are seen using ramps that have been placed over the spikes to make their getaway.

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