Eskom Suspends Load Shedding from 8pm on Friday

Eskom has announced that load shedding will be suspended from 8pm on Friday.

The power utility says generation capacity has sufficiently recovered and the demand reduces over the long weekend.

Eskom’s Sikonathi Mantshantsha says over the past 24 hours its teams have returned three generation units to service.

“This, together with the expected long weekend demand, has sufficiently reduced the constraints on the system, allowing Eskom to suspend load shedding. A unit each at the Majuba, Arnot and Tutuka power stations have returned to service, allowing further replenishment of emergency generation reserves to acceptable levels.”

Eskom has apologised to South African for the load shedding but at the same time has urged the public to continue using electricity sparingly, and will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the power system.

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