Moti Brothers Still Missing, Almost Two Weeks after being Kidnapped in Polokwane

After almost two weeks, there is still no clue on the whereabouts of the Moti brothers following their kidnapping in Polokwane.

The Moti brothers, 15-year-old Zia, 13-year-old Alaan, 11-year-old Zayyad and 6-year-old Zidan were kidnapped on 20 October after the car they were being driven in en-route to school was cut off by two others along the Tzaneen bypass before seven heavily armed men dressed in white overalls made off with the boys.

National police task teams including private Polokwane based security companies are following up on a number of leads and doing all they can to determine the whereabouts of the siblings.

In a tweet, crime and social cohesion advocate Yusuf Abramjee has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to create awareness surrounding the recent spate of kidnappings in the country.

“President Cyril Ramaphosa – Your silence on the kidnappings is deafening. Law enforcement agencies need to be strengthened and it’s time to stop the on-going kidnappings.”

The Moti brothers parents Nazim Moti and his wife Shakira have thanked South Africans for their support and prayers and have urged people to continue praying for the safe return of their sons. 

Meanwhile, 64-year-old Hussain Ahmed Essack who was kidnapped in Roma Street Robertsham in Johannesburg last week Wednesday was freed in Soweto on Thursday, after almost a week.

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