De Ruyter: Load Shedding Expected to Drop to Stage 3 on Wednesday

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter says load shedding will be reduced to stage 3 from Wednesday.

De Ruyter was briefing the country on the power utility’s plans while South Africans put up with another bout of stage 4 load shedding.

South Africans are angry and frustrated by the load shedding with Eskom citing a myriad of problems.

De Ruyter says there is a lack of capacity in the country and Eskom needs between 4 000 MW and 6 000 MW of capacity to be added to the grid as quickly as possible.

He says the current bout of load shedding will be reduced by the weekend.

“Stage 3 will be implemented from tomorrow morning at 05:00am until 05:00am Friday morning and stage 2 load shedding will be maintained until Saturday 05:00am after which we will return to normal operations.”

De Ryter says municipalities have also been a problem in the load shedding crisis.

“Some municipalities have also not played their role when it comes to implementing load shedding, some only implement it on a fractional basis to what their commitment should be. As a result, Eskom has had to deepen load shedding to stage 4.”

De Ruyter says he notes the inconvenience of load shedding to the public, especially students who have to write exams, urging South Africans to cooperate and help stabilise the grid.

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