Eskom Downgrades Load Shedding to Stage 2 & Will Suspend it on Friday

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter says load shedding will be reduced to stage 2 from 12pm and would be suspended from 5 am on Friday morning.

De Ruyter was briefing the media on Thursday on the current system challenges facing Eskom which has plunged the country in different stages of load shedding. 

De Ruyter says the good recovery of the power system has enabled Eskom to reduce load shedding from stage 3 to stage 2.

“We are going to go down to stage 2 at 12 o’ clock today and we will maintain stage 2 until 5 o’ clock tomorrow morning Friday. We will than be in a position to lift load shedding as by then the system will have sufficiently recovered that we could continue to operate and meet normal demand.”

De Ruyter says the severity of load shedding can be avoided by a collaborative effort by across all South Africans.

“We have about fourteen million households in South Africa, so if we all play a part we can really make a difference. When you leave a room and if all households were to switch off just one unnecessary light, that would save about 835MW, that’s more than one unit at a big power station like Medupi.”

De Ruyter says Eskom managed to recover 2,000 megawatts in partial load losses from when it implemented stage four load shedding.

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