Saudi Arabia Distributes More than 1.2 Million Litres of Zamzam Water in Makkah

Saudi Arabian officials have distributed more than 1.2 million litres or about six million bottles of Zamzam water during the first quarter of this year at the Haram in Makkah.

The water from the Well of Zamzam in Makkah, Saudi Arabia is a precious resource which pilgrims bring back with them after visiting the holy lands.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reports that the Director of the General Administration of Service Affairs, Ahmad Bin Shanbar Al-Nadawi said more than 50 mobile carts to distribute Zamzam water were deployed throughout the ground floor and first floor of Tawaf (circumambulation) area with a total capacity of 80 liters of cold and normal water per cart.

The number of back bags reached more than 190 bags and more than 370 cylinder bags, with a capacity of 10 liters for each bag.

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