Lenasia Muslim School Learners Injured in Mini-Bus Taxi Accident on K43

A number of Lenasia Muslim School (LMS) learners are being treated for their injuries at the Lenmed Private Hospital in Lenasia following an accident on the K43.

It is understood the accident happened on Tuesday morning when a truck slammed into the mini-bus taxi they were travelling in.

Saaberie Chishty Ambulance Service says the road was closed off by COJEMS and SCERT as leaking fuel from the minibus posed a fire risk to other road users..

“On arrival, it was found that a Mini bus carrying school kids had overturned after colliding with a truck. Multiple patients with mild to serious injuries were transferred to a local facilities by various emergency services that were on scene.”

According to Principal Apa Nasreen on the D6 Connect, about twelve learners are being treated for their injuries.

“Learners are being treated at Lenmed, parents are with the learners at the hospital,educators are on scene. We make dua for the safety of all our learners.”

The cause of the accident is being investigated.

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