[WATCH] British Transport Police Investigating After Muslim Man Allegedly Abused by South African Man on UK Train

Screengrab of the video

The British Transport Police say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident where a Muslim was allegedly verbally abused for reading the holy Qur’an on a train

In a video being circulated on social media, a man believed to be a South African citizen shouts at the Muslim man telling him that he will not allow his “space to be invaded”. 

The man then retorts that the UK is a “Christian country” and orders the Muslim man to “behave”.

“They are too careful because oh my god don’t touch a Muslim. Let me tell you something, this is a Christian country. You behave in our manners and the way that we do things.”

Nicholas McCluskey shared the post on Twitter on Saturday calling on people to find the man who hurled the abuse at the Muslim man.

“Calling upon everyone who sees this video to help find this man and the victim. An innocent Muslim man was reading his Quran on the train and was verbally abused. Unacceptable. We need to support one another and bring justice here. Twitter please do your thing”

The British Transport Police say they are looking into the incident.

“Be assured, this incident is currently under investigation. Such behaviour will never be tolerated on the railway network.”

Several Twitter users have weighed in on the incident with some saying when the man is found she should not be returned to South Africa.

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