[UPDATE] Female Bystander Wounded in Shootout Outside FNB in Lenasia

A female bystander has been shot outside the First National Bank in Rose Avenue in Lenasia, South of Johannesburg.

It is believed that there was a shootout outside the bank on Monday and the bystander wounded.

According to security company Lethal Forces Shahiem Ismail, a customer went to the bank to make a deposit when she was accosted by a criminal.

“She got out of her car did not wait for security a bravo gentleman went up to her and grabbed her money bag lethal forces gave chase and the perpetrators shot at them and that is how the lady that was standing outside FNB in the queue she was shot in the right inner side of her ankle.”

Ismail says paramedics and police were on scene.

“The lady is in Berea hospital and a case is open at Lenasia Saps, an undisclosed amount of money was taken.”

This is the second robbery outside FNB after two criminals were arrested after they tried to rob the bank in October.

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