Ballito Rage Festival Cancelled After 32 Guests & 4 Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

The annual Ballito Rage Festival has been cancelled after at least 36 people tested positive for COVID-19.

The festival opened on Tuesday despite concerns and President Cyril Ramaphosa suggesting that these events should be postponed in the wake of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Ramaphosa said mass gatherings such as major conferences and meetings, especially those that require a large number of people to be in close contact over extended periods, should be changed to virtual formats.

Ballito Rage organisers said that all remaining staff and all guests underwent COVID-19 tests at the testing centre near the event site before entering the event.

The organisers said 940 guests and staff were tested and 32 guests and four staff presented positive results. 

“After further exhaustive review this morning, consultation and guidance from the local and provincial Departments of Health and other key stakeholders, the decision was collectively made to cancel the event going forward based on the data now available to us.”

The Ballito Rage Organisers said ticket holders will receive further information in the coming days via email and urges all guests who choose to stay in the area and/or travel during the holiday period to continue to be extremely responsible, stay safe and play their part in fighting the spread of COVID-19

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