JMPD Demolishes Hundreds of Illegal Shacks in Lawley & Removes Illegal Electricity Connections in Lenasia

Image: JMPD

The Johannesburg Metro Police (JMPD) has continued with their Anti Land Invasion operation in Lawley, south of Johannesburg removing including illegal electricity connections in Lenasia.

Officers with different constructors demolished hundred of unoccupied and half built illegal structures in Tjovitjo Informal Settlement in Lawley.

Illegal electricity connections and land occupation and the mushrooming of illegal structures have become a serious problem in many areas.

Residents from theses areas which include Lenasia, Lenasia South, among others have raised concerns about frequent power outages, protests and high utility bills from illegal electricity connections and tapping into the water supply infrastructure.

The JMPD’s Wayne Minnaar said: “There was an operation yesterday where hundreds of illegal shacks had to be demolished. There is also an operation in Lenasia Extension 10 where illegal electricity connections are being removed. These connections are being stored at City Power because the connections that is being is completely and totally illegal.”

Minnaar said the the JMPD will be monitoring the area.

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