Solidarity Launches Whistleblower Platform to Expose Corruption at Eskom

Trade union Solidarity has launched a protected whistle-blower portal for Eskom employees to expose corruption at the power utility. 

In a statement, Solidarity says the majority of employees at Eskom are good people who work hard, but a culture of looting and corruption makes it impossible for them to do their jobs effectively.

Solidarity’s Dirk Herman says corruption has become institutionalised at Eskom.

“Internal corruption networks are stealing the power of ordinary tax payers. There is a gangster network in Eskom and they are enriching themselves while ordinary South Africans are sitting in the dark,” 

Herman says they are aware of employees who know of malpractices at the power utility. 

“We also know that good people do not want to speak out, precisely because of the institutionalised nature of the corruption.” 

Herman has indicated that although the platform is launched with a specific focus on Eskom, it can also be used to blow the whistle on corruption at any state-owned enterprise and private enterprises.

Herman says Solidarity would act as watchdog to ensure action is taken by employers against those who “plunder,” and to ensure that they are prosecuted. 

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