Are Jumu’ah Mubarak Messages Truly a Reflection of a Persons Heart?

Jumu’ah messages are overrated as a means to share goodwill, peace and salutations when the heart of the believer is filled with malice.

The world has metamorphosed into a junta of individuals engaged in secluded euphoria that only a few benefit from. A sad reality but true.

While the day of Jumu’ah has insurmountable benefits, the ‘Jumu’ah Mubarak’ message, even though a dua will not heal the rift that exists between family, friends or colleagues. That task lies with an individual who makes a concerted effort to cast his pride aside and steps onto the path of righteousness.

Unfortunately it’s the ego that has become a parasite in the body that has been gifted to us by Allah, and yet the intellect does not fathom that all function and control of the body, mind and heart has been lost. Look around you. The world has become enveloped in a myriad of evils that is sweeping like the plague, but for a select few that have guarded their faith.

Where is the conscience? There is an overwhelming sense of ignorance that have prevailed. The mind has become numb and the heart shut to the light of faith. People have become zombies, feeding on the misery of others. A term which bests describes this behaviour is schadenfreude. To take malicious joy in the misfortune of others.

No matter how many blind eyes you turn towards this phenomena it does exist in abundance and in majority of those who claim to be God fearing. Who are you kidding? People have gone so far of the straight path they actually believe they are going to live forever. You are not! Face it and live up to the reality, you are going to die. Harsh, but truth none the less.

Allah has destroyed civilizations for much less than what this world is engaged in. Ml Sulaiman Moola says that if Allah had to punish the people of this world in proportion to the sins they commit on a daily basis, He would destroy this world more than 50 Times a day.

Don’t pretend to be what you are not. Be true to yourself and go back down the road and seek the path to righteousness. Only then will you be able to make a mark and impress people that gaze upon you.

It’s this character that has made Muhammad (SAW) the greatest human to have ever set foot on this earth and I can tell you that Ulama have mentioned that even the lowest ranked Sahabi, is more valuable the most learned scholar in today’s times.

Can you emulate the character of Muhammad (PBUH)? Only time will tell and from where I’m sitting, everyone has done a miserable job of it.

Unless people seriously change their attitude and cast away this pride that have consumed them, the light for this nation is slowly fading into oblivion.

So before you send that Jumu’ah message, spare a moment to think of the beautiful words etched in the message is what you truly stand for or believe in.

Is it a reflection of the honest heartfelt feelings you want to convey onto the plethora of people that will be consuming the message in the hope that the conveyance of the message as honourable? If not, don’t send the message and save the data, you might need it later for another task.

But more than that, don’t send it if you don’t have the capacity in the deepest echelons of your heart that what is written in the message is truly what you feel for the people that are reading it.

Sadly the Jumu’ah message has become a copy, paste and send with no weight of any feelings possibly attached it. You will only be fooling others, but Allah is no fool and you will be taken to task, if not in this world than in the hereafter.

Ponder on that and hopefully you will consider the implications before sending another Jumu’ah Mubarak message.

May Allah guide us on to the right path and save us from the fire of hell, because it won’t be only our deeds that will be our ticket to paradise as we are so confident being part of.

*This article was first published in 2017 by Faizel Patel on a local radio station’s website.

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