Elsies River CPF Calls for an End to Gang Wars After Three Children Shot & Wounded while En-Route to School

The Elsies River Community Police Forum (ERCPF ) together with the religious fraternity in the Western Cape has called for an end to hostilities between rival gangs after three children were shot and wounded in Avonwood while they were on their way to school. 

In a statement, the ERCPF says classes at the Inspire Youth Academy had to be suspended  on Friday because of ongoing gang violence and almost daily shootings in De Range.

The organisation is calling for peace and the  cessation of hostilities in the ongoing gang violence that is ravaging the area.

It says the trauma of continuous gang wars is resulting in depression and anxiety amongst children.

“The senseless violence is ruining young people’s opportunity to a better life. So many service providers wants offer valuable courses, but crime is denying our youth access opportunities.” 

The ERCPF says community leaders are prepared to facilitate talks between rival gang leaders to ensure peace. 

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