N3 Toll Route Reopened After Truck Blockade

The N3 Toll Route has been reopened to traffic at Van Reenen and Tugela Plaza with the Concession saying the highway was now safe to use.

The road that connects Durban to Gauteng was blocked on Friday allegedly by armed suspects who attacked several truck drivers who were pulled from their vehicles with the attackers demanding personal documents.

On Friday police said that they arrested a number of truck drivers in connection with the blockade.

The N3 Toll Concession’s Thania Dhoogra said officials worked throughout Friday night to clear the route.

“These disruptions place an additional burden on law enforcement, emergency services and road users, not only on the N3 Toll Route, but in the entire region. N3TC values your support and patience under trying conditions. Traffic is currently flowing freely on the N3 Toll Route. No incidents disrupting the flow of traffic have been reported this morning. ”

Dhoogra has advised motorists to be aware that wet weather conditions and poor visibility may be experienced along large parts of the route this weekend.

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