[LISTEN] Religious Attaché of Saudi Arabia Launches Da’wah Programme to Educate SA Muslims & Non-Muslims about Beauty of Islam & Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Religious Attaché of Saudi Arabia says spreading da’wah or the word of Allah is open to everyone and not just Muslims. 

The Religious Attaché launched its da’wah activities and programs under the Theme “Who is Muhammad (PBUH)?” in South Africa at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria on Thursday.   

The Religious Attaché’s Sheikh Imraan Asani says The Da’wah activities and programs is a concerted effort by Saudi Arabia to raise awareness and educate Muslims and non-Muslims in South Africa about the beauty of Islam and the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

“Let them get to know who is Muhammad (SAW) especially non-Muslims in townships so that they get to know what is Islam. Also the Muslim, they might be Muslims, but they don’t know exactly the Seerah, the history or the characteristics of Prophet (SAW).” 

Sheikh Asani says while some Muslims may not be perfect, Islam should not be judged on their characters and actions. 

“Some of the areas which we need to clarify to the people that look, don’t judge Islam by the people but judge Islam by its contents, the Prophet (SAW) not by the people because when the people do wrong, then its not Islam, you must attribute it people just like in other religions.” 

Sheikh Asani has urged Muslims to spread the world of Allah as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “(بلغوا عني ولو آية)  Ballighu ‘Anni walau Ayah – Convey about me even if it means one verse.” 

Listen to the interview with Sheikh Imran Asani

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