South Africans Warned of New “Fake Cop” Scam to Steal Money

As South Africa enters the festive holiday period, social cohesion advocate Yusuf Abramjee has warned people about a new scam by criminals pretending to be police officers.

During December many South Africans are on a break and may become vulnerable to crime whether on holiday, at home or online.

In a tweet, Abramjee said a criminal pretending to be a cop will phone a person to extort money from them.

A fake cop will call you saying there is a charge against you and threaten an arrest. He/She will then Whatsapp from what appears to be a real profile. Don’t e-wallet any money to “drop” the charge.”

Abramjee says these scams are common and has urged people to take extreme caution and report it to police immediately when confronted with such an act.

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