Urgent Grave Maintenance Needed at Avalon Cemetery After Heavy Downpours

While the rain has been a welcome relief to replenish various dams across South Africa, the heavy downpours have also caused some damage to graves and soil erosion at the Avalon Cemetery in Lenasia.

On a recent trip to the cemetery, there were many graves that had sunk in and had overgrown weeds and required urgent attention to be cleaned.

In response to the state of the graves at the Avalon Cemetery on Facebook, Yusuf Bulbulia Advisory Services (YAB) advised that a “cleanup & fill the graves campaign will be taking place on 19 December.

Volunteers have been urged to join the campaign to assist in the cleanup.

However, this does not stop Lenasia residents, family and friends of loved ones buried at the Avalon Cemetery to take immediate action to maintain the resting places of those who have passed away.

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