Eastern Cape Residents Pleads for Assistance After Devastating Storm

A major storm has devastated Keiskammahoek in the Eastern Cape, with many of the mud brick houses collapsing and leaving the area with no cellphone reception or electricity.

The community is appealing for tents, food supplies and blankets.

According to the Eastern Cape Water Caucus, the Eastern Cape Municipality has visited the area but has allegedly done little to assist those in need.

Spokesperson Ntsika Mateta said the municipality visited the village but did not bring anything helpful at all.

“All they did was conduct an inventory of affected households. Surprisingly the municipality was only ‘registering’ people, and there was no basic support like blankets or food parcels for those affected.”

Meanwhile, humanitarian organisation Gift of the Givers has heeded the call from the Eastern Cape to assist the municipality residents who have been left destitute when a tornado struck the area on Tuesday

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