[WATCH] Concerns Raised about High Crime Levels in Lenasia & Other Areas after Car Stolen in Less Than 60 Seconds

As the country heads into the holiday season, concerns have been raised about the increase in the levels of crime in Lenasia, Lenasia South and other areas.

A number of incidents have been reported in the last week including a female bystander being shot outside the First National Bank in Rose Avenue, an elderly man being robbed in broad daylight in Extension 8 and a man shot in an attempted hijacking on the K43 and Bangalore Drive in Extension 11.

During the week, the Johannesburg Metro Police (JMPD) Undercover Unit foiled a business robbery at Signet Terrace.

Even places of worship have not been spared after a man was seen allegedly stealing shoes at a Mosque in Lenasia South.

In the latest incident, a parked gold Mazda 323 was stolen in about sixty seconds from Gemsbok Street, a very busy area in the Lenasia CBD in brought daylight and in full view of people and businesses.

Lenasia, Lenasia South and other communities say they are concerned about the increase in crime in the suburbs and are urging more visible policing in hotpot areas especially during the festive season.

At the same time, the Lenasia South community have decided to take a pro-active approach to curb crime in the area. 

Watch this car being stolen in Gemsboks Street in Lenasia

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