Gauteng Health: Province May have Reached Peak of Fourth Wave, But Risk Remains High

The Gauteng Health Department says while the decline in new COVID-19 infections is an indication that the province may have reached the peak of the fourth wave, the risk of infection remains high and too many people are still being infected with the virus.

On Thursday Gauteng recorded about 27% of the country’s new infections which is a significant drop from the previous weeks. 

The Gauteng Health Department says vaccination is by far the most important way to protect people against severe illness, hospitalisation or death in the of contracting the Coronavirus.

“We urge those who will be traveling out of the province to get vaccinated before they leave. Let us continue practising safety measures such as wearing a mask, maintaining a safe physical distance, washing hands regularly with soap and water, and ensuring good


The Gauteng Health Department says it is closely monitoring infection rates, hospitalisation and intensifying COVID-19 screening and testing, contact tracing and effective clinical governance.

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