US Police Appeal for Information After Criminals Steal 58-Foot Long Bridge

image: Daily Express

Authorities in Ohio in the US are appealing for information after criminals stole a 58-foot long pedestrian bridge in several phases in November.

The Hill reports that thieves began taking apart the bridge 3 November and completed the heist by 11 November. 

The theft occurred after the $40,000 bridge had been relocated from its original location to a holding site while officials decided how they could repurpose it. 

Akron Police’s Mike Miller urged  anyone with information about the missing bridge to call detectives.

“Someone in the viewing area has access to some information that we need and this is the ‘whodunit’ where we really need the community’s help to point us in the right direction to find the people responsible for removing that bridge.” 

Miller told FOX 8 the bridge could be used for a for a variety of different things including landscaping or engineering projects. 

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