N3 Toll Concession Urges Motorists to Slow Down after Increase & Severity in Road Crashes

The N3 Toll Concession has raised concerns surrounding the severity of vehicle crashes and  fatalities on the national route and have urged motorists to slow down. 

The concession says an alarming number of serious road crashes have been recorded on the N3 Toll Route since the start of the festive season.

N3TC’s transport engineer, Miles le Roux said initial reports indicate that drivers are regularly exceeding the speed limits along most parts of the route and also not reducing their speed when roads are wet or during poor visibility. 

“Currently, there is little evidence of any patience on the road, and it seems that drivers’ frustrations are aggravated by the long delays caused by the serious road crashes. Please slow down and take it easy on the road. Remember, at high speeds even the slightest distraction may cause you to lose control of your vehicle.” 

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