Crime Continues to Spike in Lenasia after Hijacking Attempt

Crime continues to spike in Lenasia after yet another hijacking attempt.

According to reports, criminals fired shots at another car in what is believed to be an attempted hijacking in Giraffe Street.

One suspect was wounded and detained before the others fled the scene.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of crimes including hijacking, robberies, car theft and murder that have been reported in Lenasia.

In the latest incident, the son of a local furniture shop owner was gunned down on Thursday in a robbery in the CBD opposite the Jaamia Masjid and Lenasia temporary taxi rank.

Last week, a Lenasia businessman was shot and after dropping off his staff at their homes in Lenasia Extension 13 after closing his food store – he is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

There have also been a number of home and pedestrian robberies and vehicle theft in the residential area and CBD.

Lenasia residents are fed-up and have raised concerns about the increased levels of crime and are urging more visible policing in hotpot areas especially during the festive season.

One resident who spoke to Wired2News said elected Lenasia ward councillors should take a pro-active approach in dealing with crime and act on the promises made during the local government elections to keep the suburb safe.

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