Dr Hamid Choi Becomes First Person to Translate Holy Qur’an into Korean

Dr Hamid Choi has become the  first Korean Muslim to translate the  holy Qur’an and Sahih al-Bukhari into the Korean language. 

According to a post on Linkedin, it took Choi more than seven years to complete the task. 

Choi is an Imam and lecturer in Islamic Studies and Arabic at a university in South Korea. 

He was educated at the University of Madinah, 

The works that Choi has translated into Korean and Shahih Bukhari are all part of his scientific work. 

Choi has also has written more than 90 other books, either independently or in translation.

The holy Qur’an is available in hundreds of languages including Portuguese, French, German, Spanish and even Braille.

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