One of Gauteng’s Most Wanted Suspects & Member of Boko Haram Gang Arrested

One of Gauteng’s most wanted suspects who is also a member of the notorious Boko Haram gang has been arrested 

It is understood the 31-year-old suspect was handcuffed on Sunday after police located him in Mamelodi. 

The Boko Haram gang was allegedly involved in robberies, extortion, intimidation and other serious and violent crimes in Mamelodi and surrounding areas.

The police’s Mavela Masondo said the suspect is expected to appear at Pretoria Magistrates Court on Tuesday. 

“He is suspected to be involved in crimes such as business robbery, extortion, intimidation and other serious and violent crimes. He is also reported to be involved in a chain store robbery in Mamelodi where undisclosed amount of cash and groceries were taken.” 

Masondo said the Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner has welcomed the arrest of the suspect and commended the team that worked so hard to ensure that this most wanted suspect is behind bars.

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