Joburg Emergency Services Urge Alexandra Residents to Evacuate as Jukskei River Rises

Johannesburg emergency services have evacuated eleven people from two flooded homes along the Jukskei River in Alexandra.

The city has called on residents living along the banks of the Jukskei River to move higher ground as water levels continue to rise.

Heavy downpours have been recorded across several parts of the country with South African Weather Service (SAWS) warning that certain areas my experience flooding.

Joburg Emergency Services Robert Mulaudzi said they conceded about the water levels in rivers and streams throughout the city including Diesploot, Kaya Sands and Kliptown.

“Our residents in those areas are staying right in the flood line so we are urging them to move to higher ground so that we can prevent drowning incidents.”

Mulaudzi says all emergency services are on high alert to respond to any incident in the city.

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