Three Injured, One Critically in De-Deur Head-On Crash

Three people have been injured, one critically in a head-on collision on the R82/Plantation Road in De Deur, South of Johannesburg.

Paramedics say on arrival at the scene on Tuesday, they found a car that had rolled into a ditch on the side of the road and the other still in the middle of the road.

ER24’s Ross Campbell said both the driver and passenger of the vehicle in the ditch were entrapped and Midvaal Fire Department were on the scene for the extraction.

“The passenger was critically injured and required Advanced Life Support interventions to stabilise his condition before ER24 transported him through to Sebokeng Provincial Hospital for further care. The driver of the vehicle in the ditch as well as the driver of the other vehicle involved were found to have suffered moderate injuries and were treated and transported to Sebokeng by GPG for further care.”

Campbell said Midvaal Traffic Department was also on the scene for further investigations.

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