Suspect Arrested for Possession of Grenade at Braam Fischer Airport in Bloemfontein

Police have arrested has a 28- year-old man for possession of a drill hand-grenade at Braam Fischer Airport in Bloemfontein.

It is understood the suspect arrived at the airport on Monday and reported at the check-in-counter where he handed over his luggage to be searched.

Police say the security officer placed the passenger’s bag inside the X-ray scanner which detected a round metal object inside the bag.

Spokesperson Thabo Covane said the object was also visible on the X-ray monitor.

“The security officer physically searched the bag and found the drill hand-grenade. The police at the airport were called to the counter. An immediate decision was taken to activate the evacuation alarm because of the possibility of a threat in the terminal building. The Bomb Disposal Unit were also summoned to the scene to handle the evidence and sweep the building.”

Covane said a case docket for possession of hand-grenade shell and interference with Airport operations was opened.

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