Esteemed & Well-Respected Lenasia Islamic Scholar Ml Yahya Bham Passes Away

Masjid-e-Ashraf in Extension 11, Lenasia.

Esteemed and well-respected Islamic scholar Hadhrat Ml Yahya Bham from Lenasia has returned to the mercy of Allah.

Hadhrat Ml Yahya Bham passed away on Wednesday after a long illness.

He achieved his Islamic studies in Hardoi in India

Hadhrat Ml Yahya Bham was a senior and select khaleefah of Hadhrat Ml Abrarul Haq and the former Imam of Masjid-e-Ashraf in Lenasia Extension 11 and former principal of the Lenasia Muslim School.

Hadhrat Ml Yahya Bham was also one of the pioneers who set up Khidmatul Awaam Pilgrim Services, a Hajj travel operator that made Hajj affordable to Muslims in South Africa.

Secretary General of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa Ml Ebrahim Bham paid tribute to Hadhrat Ml Yahya Bham.

“Allah forgive his shortcomings, elevate his status, reward him abundantly for his many achievements including being a means of the visit of many great Ulama to our region.”

Hadhrat Ml Yahya Bham will be buried at the Lenasia Avalon Cemetery on Wednesday.

May Allah grant Sabr-e-Jameel to his family, those close to him and Ummah, Ameen.

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