Double Murder Accused Rameez Patel Tests Positive for COVID-19 – Murder Trial Postponed to April

The trial of double murder accused Rameez Patel has been postponed to April.

Patel failed to appear in court on Monday to stand trial for the murder of his wife Fatima after his lawyer Meshack Thipe handed in a doctor’s certificate stating that Patel had tested positive for COVID-19.

The court issued a warrant of arrest and ordered Patel to submit himself to Polokwane Hospital for another Coronavirus test to be done.

Patel is accused of the murder of his wife Fatima in April 2015.

Fatima’s body was found in a pool of blood at their Nirvana home in Limpopo in 2015 after they allegedly had a fight.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) Mashudu Malabi Dzhangi told Wired2News the results of the Coronavirus test was submitted to the court on Friday.

“Patel’s COVID-19 results have been confirmed by Ampath. The case has been remanded to 04 – 08 April 2022 for trial.”

While Patel is also accused of killing his mother Muhajeen, police said that he’d not been linked to a spate of other crimes involving his family.

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