[WATCH] Abramjee: Moti Family’s Unwillingness to Cooperate with Police Creates Perception that Crime Pays

Social cohesion activist Yusuf Abramjee said the Moti family’s unwillingness to cooperate with police on the kidnapping of the Moti brothers creates a perception that crime pays.

Abramjee was speaking to eNCA and senior reporter Barry Bateman on Sunday morning following developments that two months after the Moti brothers kidnapping ordeal, the Moti family has apparently moved to Dubai which has effectively stalled any investigation into their abduction. 

eNCA reported that the Moti brothers father Nazim has interdicted the police from speaking to the children who were apparently traumatized after their kidnapping ordeal. 

Abramjee said the police used massive resources which ran into millions of rands to find the Moti brothers, but the family locked officers out during the investigation.

“It’s very unfortunate in my view that the police are now out of this investigation, but that does not stop the police from continuing their investigation.”

Abramjee said the gang allegedly involved in the Moti brothers kidnapping are very dangerous.

“They came with heavy firepower, they came with two or three vehicles, they took the children, they were brazen and I have always said on record on eNCA that I wouldn’t be surprised that this gang was involved in a number of other kidnappings and I think that the mere fact that the family or the children do not want to cooperate with the police is now going to open the way for this gang to continue to run terror and perhaps target other families.”

The Moti brothers, 15-year-old Zia, 13-year-old Alaan, 11-year-old Zayyad and 7-year-old Zidan were kidnapped  on 20 October after the car they were being driven in en-route to school was cut off by two others along the Tzaneen bypass before seven heavily armed men dressed in white overalls made off with the boys.

The Moti brothers were found safe on 10 November last year and reunited with their family.

Watch the interview with Yusuf Abramjee (Courtesy of eNCA)

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