Abramjee Urges Communties to Unite as Crime Spikes in Lenasia & Other Areas

As crime continues to spike in Lenasia and other areas, social cohesion activist Yusuf Abramjee said there must be a proactive approach to get crime under control.

Concerns have been raised about a number serious and violent crimes being committed in Lenasia and surrounds including murder, kidnappings, hijacking and robberies.

In the latest incident, Lenasia businessman Yaseen Bhiku was kidnapped outside his home in extension 1 after returning from early morning prayer at a local Mosque on Tuesday.

Three weeks ago, the son of local businessman was shot dead in a robbery at his fathers furniture shop opposite the temporary Lenasia Taxi Rank and Jaamia Mosque.

Abramjee said police should act urgently and decisively when it comes to crime.

They need to also beef up visible policing.┬áThe community also need to unite and fight the scourge. We need to strengthen neighbourhood watches and the CPF needs to put pressure on the police management to act.”

Abramjee said residents need to be vigilant and also report crime.

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