Prof Karim: South Africans Should Not be Concerned About New Deltacron Variant detected in Cyprus

View of a Coronavirus Covid-19 background - 3d rendering

Infectious diseases epidemiologist Professor Salim Abdool Karim said South Africans should not be too concerned about Deltacron, a new variant of COVID-19 that been detected in Cyprus.

Karim was speaking to 702 on Tuesday and gave more insight into the new variant.

Karim said the virus is going to continue mutating in different ways and there are going to be many new variants.

“I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the new variant, the key issue that needs to be established is whether this variant is nuetralised by our vaccine antibodies.”

In the last reporting cycle, South Africa has recorded 2,400 new COVID-19 cases while 77 more people have died.

More than 28 million people have so far received at least one jab of a coronavirus vaccine.

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