Another Home Broken into in Lenasia

Image: Popular Mechanics

Criminals have been apparently broken into a another home in Lenasia.

According to a post by Reza Crime Air Network, three armed suspects dressed in overalls entered the home in Agapanthus Street, extension 2 on Wednesday.

This is the latest robbery in Lenasia after criminals broke into a home in Smew Avenue near Signet Terrace on Monday morning.

Concerns have been raised about a number serious and violent crimes being committed in Lenasia and surrounds including murder, kidnappings, hijacking and robberies.

Social cohesion activist Yusuf Abramjee told Wired2News there must be a proactive approach to get crime under control.

Abramjee said police, the Community Policing Forum and the community itself also need to unite and fight the scourge.

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