SANHA Urges Muslim Community to Stop Spreading Fake News about Halaal Certification

The South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) has urged the Muslim community to stop spreading rumours about Halaal compliant certification without verifying details. 

This comes after some within the Muslim community raised concerns about Checkers Pork Sosaties being certified as halaal by Sanha. 

In a statement Sanha said the misinformation is “incited by detractors of the truth” to spread another malicious accusation against the halaal certifying body. 

“SANHA has on many occasions made its position absolutely clear that it does not certify any supermarket store butchery/deli which opts to sell both Haraam and Halaal Meat items in-store.”

Sanha said a random investigation was conducted of  Checkers stores nationwide and it can confirm that only one store in Kraaifontein in the Cape region was affected. 

“It is important to note that the Sanha logo did not appear on the Checkers Pork Sosatie description label but it was instead appended to the BBQ Basting Marinade label by the sauce manufacturer which label clearly highlights the actual ingredients of the marinade. There is no mention whatsoever of pork on the marinade basting label.” 

Sanha said the Checkers store concerned was immediately cautioned of the perceived misrepresentation caused by the incorrect label usage resulting in the products being removed from the shelves. 

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