Transport Dept to Introduce New Smarter Solution to Print Drivers Licences

Picture: Department of Transport.

The Transport Department said it is introducing a new card license machine after the old one broke down.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula was briefing the media on Wednesday on the latest developments on the driver license printer shipped to Germany for repairs.

Mbalula said the machine should have been changed a long time ago.

Mbalula said he will present the new machine for approval at the first cabinet meeting of this year.

“This is a process that has been ongoing The old machine broke down during this process. It’s now being fixed in made in Germany where it was made.”

Mbalula said they also looked at other options for drivers licences.

“During the process of looking at the new license card machine, we have explored the Smart Card ID option but were advised against because of license Ssecurity requirements. We are advanced in our process of introducing the new licence card.”

Mbalula said the Transport Department will also be introducing online payment for motor vehicle and driving licence card renewal, learner’s and driving licence test and the option to get your driving licence card delivered at your home.

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