Al Jama-ah: SAJBD’s Accusations of No Service Delivery in Joburg a Distraction of Israel’s Human Rights Abuses

Al Jama-ah SA said the SA Jewish Board of Deputies’ accusations against the party that it is not providing services to Johannesburg residents is a distraction from highlighting Israel’s human rights abuses perpetrated against Palestinians.

The party was responding to the SAJBD’s  accusations that it refused to work with political parties “who support Israel” 

The  SAJBD said Al-Jama-ah is attempting to stonewall and obstruct the functioning of the City of Johannesburg, by putting the Israel-Palestine conflict above the interests of residents.

In a statement, Al Jama-ah MP Ganief Hendricks has denied that the party was in an agreement with the Democratic Alliance (DA) to form a coalition in the city of Johannesburg. 

“Al Jama-ah will not support parties that create hierarchies between human beings. Al Jama-ah will continue the legacy of President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. There can be no difference in the value of a Palestinian in Gaza, a Jewish person in Tel Aviv and a South African on the Cape Flats. Al-Jama-ah asks SAJBD to be morally consistent and not privilege Jews over Arabs in Palestine, Israel or anywhere in the world.” 

Hendricks said it is “ironic that SAJBD is voicing concern over service delivery for Johannesburg but supports the denial of these services to Palestinians.”  

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